FAP or saturated catalyst

Particulate filter and catalyst completely saturated? Hydro Ecotech has the solution for professionals and private individuals.

The causes particle filter or saturated catalyst


Often in certain cases, when the particle filter and the catalyst are completely saturated (such is the case at RTM for a part of the buses), our solution of injection by hydrogen cannot treat the problem with result because the scale and the soot encumbrance, by dint of accumulation, are transformed into dry and hard coal.

Professionals are often exposed to this problem. They have to have them dismantled and sent to a specialised and approved pollutant cleaning centre near the north of France. Either the customer orders a new FAP from the manufacturer between 2500 and 3500 euros or he has it cleaned. (Postal delays and processing time for the return journey)

Costs incurred

The service is invoiced at between €900 and €1,200 plus the loss of productivity of the truck, which is immobilised for at least 3 to 4 weeks. Often, when they cannot carry out the service, they send the customer an adaptable particle filter, which is not an original part, which poses a problem because the customer can lose the manufacturer's warranty.


Our solution for your vehicle

Restore your vehicle's original performance

Today, users lose a lot of time because no company comes to treat the particle filters and the catalytic converter on site when they are completely saturated.

Time saving

We can deal with this problem in two hours at the customer's premises, with a one-year guarantee on the service, and for half the price.

It is compulsory to dismantle the FAP or the saturated catalyst, for which there is only one solution, namely to soak the saturated element in a detergent product, ours is biodegradable, and leave it to soak for an hour.

After that, compressed air must be injected and a high-pressure wash with water must be carried out.

FAP or saturated particulate filter :
- For the cleaning of the DPF when it is completely saturated, we also have a machine that carries out the cleaning of the DPF at the customer's premises in less than 2 hours. We use biodegradable chemicals that we collect at the end of the operation, these products will be stored in our premises and recycled by our state-approved recycling partner. SEVIA.

Our equipped mobile truck of this machine". DPF PLUS "This is the only way to ensure that the service can be delivered in less than two hours. 2 hoursThe result is reliable at 95%, and the service is guaranteed for 1 year.

Service completed = FAP or catalyst found

Once the on-site service is completed, the FAP or catalytic converter is reassembledThe vehicle can be driven away (valid for trucks, cars, buses, refuse collection vehicles, construction, agricultural equipment...) everything that is thermal and industrial engines.

In short, it is a great time saver, one capital asset saved and a reduction in pollution of about 60% and fuel economy of -15% The company is not penalised, it gains in productivity which will maintain and even increase turnover.
Fap catalyseur saturé

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