Thanks to our ECOFLEX-85®Adapt your petrol vehicle to Bioethanol to drive greener and cheaper.


Patented adapter
to run on BioEthanol


Patented adapter
or petrol-approved housing

What is the
Superethanol E85 ?

Superethanol, bioethanol, what is it?

Superethanol E85 is currently the only renewable fuel for all petrol engines that is immediately available. It is made from vegetable raw materials (or biomass). The CO2 it emits corresponds to the CO2 absorbed during the growth of the biomass. It is therefore a very low-pollution fuel.

How is Superethanol-E85 produced?
E85 bioethanol is obtained by an industrial fermentation process that converts the sugar contained in these plants into raw alcohol (ethanol), which is then distilled and dehydrated to obtain bioethanol.

Why to the
Bioethanol ?

Bioethanol for cheaper driving
Increase your purchasing power easily. Indeed, bioethanol E85 is displayed at 0.69€ per litre against 1.50€ for unleaded. VAT deductible for companies.
Bioethanol for greener driving

Superethanol E85 is a fuel that contains between 65% and 85% of bioethanol, the rest of the petrol. Bioethanol is mainly produced from plants, beets and cereals grown in France, their transformation into sugar and starch are mixed and allow to reduce greenhouse emissions by 75% and particulate emissions by 90% compared to fossil petrol.

My car
Is it compatible?

How do I know if my vehicle is compatible?

Hydro Ecotech E85 Superethanol adapters are compatible with all petrol vehicles with direct or indirect electronic injection put into circulation since 2004 for all engines and all petrol brands.

The compatibility of a vehicle with ethanol depends on several factors:

Motorisation of the vehicle

Petrol, hybrid and gas

Year of entry into circulation

(before 2001, vehicles do not fall within the scope of homologation).

Engine injection type

Direct injection or indirect injection (this determines the category of the housing).

Tax horses

To determine whether the vehicle is homologable and in which category.


minimum money savings

Our ECOFLEX-85 box

1er full: 30% Bioethanol and 70% Unleaded.
2ème full: 50% Bioethanol and 50% Unleaded.
3ème full: 80% Bioethanol and 20% Unleaded.
4ème full: 100% Bioethanol.
To find out the exact cost of installing an adapter on your vehicle, contact us here:

Our patented box
Hydro Ecotech

How much does an adapter cost?

As an indication, the cost of installing a Hydro Ecotech adaptation device starts at €699 and the intervention time is 1 hour.

It works via an artificial intelligence associated with an algorithm, once installed on the OBD socketThis will collect and merge all the data as well as ECU, engine and organ, fuel consumption. The eco-driving of the person see braking, acceleration, unnecessary starting, tyre pressure, speed, this study cycle will last more than 400 km or a full tank of fuel.

The algorithm will first merge and parameterise everything, and the measured data will be transmitted back to the engine control unit so that it can finally take them into account, and the reduction in consumption and pollution will be automatic. Of course, this process must be accompanied by a eco-driving (see description) :

Our homologated and approved boxes :

From €899 for Biomotors

From 999 euros for FlexFuel

The vehicle is immobilised for 1 to 2 days, the registration document must be changed in the prefecture and a plate with the serial number must be attached to the vehicle.



1) Use gear ratios correctly

It is common for a driver driving at a constant speed of 60 km/h to use third gear. However, it is better to use fourth or fifth gear, thus lowering the engine speed. The result: lower fuel consumption and significantly lower emissions.

Also, if you have a vehicle with a diesel engine, you should limit the gear change speed to a maximum of 2000 rpm. On the other hand, if you have a petrol car, do not exceed 2500 rpm before shifting into the next gear.


2) Maintain a stable speed

A vehicle maintained at a stable speed requires less energy to move. This reduces fuel consumption, and consequently its emissions of pollutants.

Cars with a powerful engine allow for more rapid acceleration and faster gear changes. This is not the way to drive economically. The main cause of excessive fuel consumption is sudden acceleration, which usually leads to sudden braking. Therefore, prefer a steady speed to limit your consumption.


3) Use of the engine brake

The anticipation mentioned above allows you to use your engine brake in the best conditions. How do you do this? Take your foot off the gas! When driving downhill and when road conditions allow it, taking your foot off the accelerator will allow your vehicle to benefit from the mechanical phenomenon caused when you stop accelerating! It is therefore your engine that brakes itself, quite simply! This way, you drive for free because your fuel consumption drops to zero!


4) Monitoring and maintenance of the vehicle

That's right! There are many maintenance parameters for your car that come into play when it comes to fuel consumption.


5) Monitoring of vehicle weight

The heavier your car is, the more fuel it consumes. So don't overload it unnecessarily. Roof boxes and other bike racks disrupt the aerodynamics and mass of the vehicle, resulting in higher fuel consumption and therefore increased CO2 emissions.


6) Speed and over-consumption

By reducing your speed by 10 km/h on long journeys, you can save up to one litre of fuel every 100 km/h. That's a big saving when you're on the road for a holiday, for example.


7) When we are at a standstill we favour start and stop!

As soon as the engine is idling for more than 30 seconds, it is best to simply turn it off. So, in traffic jams or at a long traffic light, don't hesitate to turn off your engine! It's much more profitable for you and much more environmentally friendly.


8) Monitor tyre size and pressure

Tyre pressure should always be monitored to ensure that there is always the amount of air recommended by the manufacturer. Incorrect geometry or regular oil changes are all factors that go hand in hand with economical driving!


9) Air conditioning consumption

Avoid overuse of air conditioning, which consumes about 1L/ 100


10) Installation and operation of the ECOFLEX-85® box

Before the first refuelling, the customer has to come in for a first diagnosis:

We will check the condition of the spark plugs, a pollution control, the customer must provide us with an updated technical control, the vehicle must not exceed 250,000 km (maintained). Drive with this box using: a first fill-up 20% E85 80% Super,

Second full tank: 50% E-85 bioethanol and 50% Super,

Third full : 80% E-85 bioethanol and 20% Super

Fourth full : 100% E-85 bioethanol

After the fourth fill-up (once there is still 20% fuel) the customer must perform a final diagnostic.

During the winter period, in order to avoid starting problems, depending on the temperature, when it is lower than 10 degrees, the tank must be adapted by filling it with 50% E-85 bioethanol and 50% Super


How much What does it cost?

Adaptation begins at 699€. We are transparent about how we carry out our E85 conversions as our teams have over 10 years of experience in this field:

Reception of the customer's vehicle.

We diagnose your vehicle to see any defects. We check the health of the vehicle by carrying out a diagnosis of your vehicle.

A power bench test to check the initial power of the vehicle and validate the health of the engine.

Filling the tank with E85

Road testing and data acquisition.
Verification of recorded data after testing

Diagnose more gas readings once the adjustment is made.

Testimonials from our customers

"An amazing box that saves money over the long term!!!, Thank you Hydro Ecotech"
Stéphane Prico
"An amazing box that saves money over the long term!!!, Thank you Hydro Ecotech"
Stéphane Prico
"Hello everyone, I put the bio ethanol box on my gasoline twingo and since then I've been enjoying it. 0.85 ml it's just wonderful the box works very well I've been driving at 100 % ethanol for 8 months now the car starts without any problems like clockwork, despite the cold that is starting to set in, I highly recommend"
Madjid Ben
"Hello everyone, I put the bio ethanol box on my petrol twingo and since then I have been enjoying 0.85 ml, it's just great, the box works very well, I've been driving at 100 % ethanol for 8 months now, the car has no problems starting up quickly despite the cold weather that is starting to set in, I highly recommend it".
Madjid Ben
"The hydroecotech box is really great. I heard about it from a friend. He was the one who recommended it to me. We were talking about the price of gasoline and he told me about its incredible savings. 1 week later I took the box and switched to ethanol. From €2.2 per liter to €0.85... suffice to say that the box quickly paid for itself! I recommend!!!"
David Cohenzardi
"The hydroecotech box is really great. I heard about it from a friend. He recommended it to me. We were talking about the price of petrol and he told me about the incredible savings. 1 week later I took the box and I switched to ethanol. From 2.2€ a litre to 0.85€ much to say that the box is quickly profitable! I recommend it !!!"
David Cohenzardi

Patented technology certified by the Ministry of Transport and offices Veritas