Engine decarbonisation by hydrogen

Black smoke, warning lights on, holes when accelerating... In more than 75% of cases, the culprit is the fouling of your engine due to carbon deposits.


Engine, EGR valve, DPF turbo,
valve etc.


Engine, EGR valve, FAP turbo, valve etc.

The calamine and the causes


When you use your vehicle, it leaves black oxidation deposits (scale) deposited in strategic areas of the engine on the exhaust walls.

Engine fouling

Engine fouling is mainly due to today's driving conditions, with frequent starts, heat from the environment, crystallisation of soot and carbon deposits, frequent starts, speed limits, fuel quality, and low speed driving, frequent stops.
Symptoms of a dirty engine are most often: loss of power, irregular idling, excessive smoke, over-consumption, the engine management light coming on, etc.

What are the symptoms?

-> Power loss
->Difficult start-up
->Illuminated dashboard light
->Wheel at acceleration
->Small route and frequent stops
->Decrease in performance
->Switching to downgraded mode in less than 3000 rpm
All these symptoms prevent the engine from working properly, penalize it strongly and make it lose its longevity.

Why decarbonise
your vehicle?

Get the performance of your vehicle back

If carbon deposits are not removed regularly, fuel consumption increases and parts become clogged, preventing the engine from working and breathing properly, a study shows that 75% of breakdowns are related to clogging.

Avoid costly breakdowns

A thorough cleaning of the engine is therefore an essential alternative to avoid the replacement of expensive mechanical parts and to reduce exorbitant fuel consumption. An engine that is not cleaned would result in the vehicle being immobilised over time and in extremely high replacement costs for parts.

Diagnostic case

5-gas analyzer

Smoke recycling

Diagnostic case

Ultra fast diagnosis and troubleshooting
Most modern measurement technology / motorbike / car / truck / ship
A report issued before and after the intervention

Gas Analyser

Compatible with OIML R99 Class 0 and ISO 3930

5-gas analyser | CO, CO2HC, 02NOX

Multi-gas analysis mode
Technical inspection mode

How works

Decarbonisation through hydrogen

The operation consists of injecting hydrogen into the engine's air intake, without disassembly and without chemical or corrosive additives, in order to eliminate carbon deposits.

The hydrogen route ensures the regeneration of all the parts of your engine (DPF, turbo, injector heads, valves, cylinders, etc.). We treat both the warm and cold with a power of 5600 W and we process engines up to 60 000 cm3


EGR valve



We come to your site to decarbonise your vehicle with our workshop truck!

*Exceptional offer of 99 € HT on the 1st intervention


minimum fuel savings per tank


A complete turnkey solution,
- We have created a machine called "LIVIATAN HM-770" (patented innovation) which produces pure hydrogen at 95%.
- This process enables engines and their components to be descaled (cleaned) in depth, cylinders, pistons, particle filter, EGR valve, turbo, by injecting hydrogen into the engine's air intake, without dismantling and without chemical or corrosive additives.
- It allows a longer life for thermal engines (petrol/diesel) and a reduction in pollution (CO2) and a significant saving in fuel consumption (min -15% and 25% per tankful), in view of current fuel prices

Power: 5600W
Up to 60,000 CM3
Duration of the intervention: between 120 and 180 minutes

Our technology
Hydro Ecotech

Hydro Ecotech Developpement has designed a hydrogen injection decarbonation station and a professional DPF cleaning station dedicated to heavy duty and industrial engines up to 60 litres in capacity.

This is a patented and exclusive innovation, which we have studied (used and modified). We have increased the power and capacity of the centrifugal turbines. We have recalculated the different powers in litres of displacement and M3. 4 years of work and research and development were necessary.

Our technology has enabled us to create a process for the industrial world and harsh environments.

Revolutionary and powerful




Results & Earnings










Recover your original engine performance up to + 65%


No more costly repairs and downtime


Down by -30% à -65% harmful emissions and C02


Between -15% and +25%
( GUARANTEED ) per tank of fuel.

Patented technology certified by the Ministry of Transport and offices Veritas